Beauty & Makeup Hacks For Budget Beauties

I love these tips!


Hello My beautiful people!!

I am back today with a post that has everything.. well not everything..but something that might be already utilised by you guys, my lovely beauties in your routines.

As the name of the post suggests, all the things mentioned down here are hacks of some kind related to beauty. If you want tips or are trying to save your buck, then, please keep reading.

Shall we start?? I think so, yes!!

  1. If you need a smoother canvas and have ran out of your regular scrub, add sugar and bit of honey or lemon juice(just a drop or two) to your regular cleanser and use it as a scrub. It will gently slough off the dead cells and instantly give a polished, smooth look and feel.

2.Make strong black coffee and as it cools, pour it into ice cubes. Take out as and when needed to instantly…

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